How to generate unique MusicXML Sight Reading Exercises with OSME for free

If you want to generate unique MusicXML Sight Reading Exercises, you can now do so with OSME! It is completely free and most importantly .. easy! Here is a short video to show you how it’s done!

Not able to watch a video right now? Scroll further down to see written instructions and photos.

Written Instructions

  1. Open
  2. Click “Generate Sight Reading Practice” from the menu bar on the top right of the page
  1. Give your exercise a title
  2. Select the number of measures
  3. Choose your time and key signatures
  4. Pick your level of difficulty
  5. Customize your desired duration and pitch
  6. Download the MusicXML file by clicking the “download” button on the far right
  7. Go and practice your sight reading
2 replies
  1. says:

    Maybe you could add a setting for range for guitarist practicing in position or signers that just can’t reach some of notes? e.g. the 5th fret position’s range in the fingering I’m practicing would be a3 to c6…

    Also, better fine tuning on what intervals are allowed between which note duration will be useful for just about everyone. I mean, I can see how 2 octave wide leaps are reasonable in 4th but I’d really like to limit those nutty 16th to the bare minimum… For singer especially big intervals can be challenging to hit good pitch with…

    Anyhow, most of the logic seems to be there but some knobs would be nice.

  2. Cate
    Cate says:

    I’ve found this generator really useful in my teaching of clarinet. It would be even more useful if the range of notes (i.e. lowest possible note and highest possible note) could be set as well. My beginner flutes/saxophones can’t play middle C yet but still need to practice their sight-reading!


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