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The OSME Sight Reading Practice Generator Prototype

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, sight reading is an absolute must for making music. During music lessons, this is taught right from the start and is practiced and perfected until you become a professional. This raises the question for us: how can we help? Our solution: The Open Sheet Music Education exercise […]

XML Exporter For OSME Practice Generator

With the exercise generator developed within the framework of OpenSheetMusicEducation (OSME), you can create musical exercises for dexterity on the instrument or for sight reading, etc. The desired musical parameters: for example the clef, the time signature, the range, the number of bars, can be set in the interface to generate an exercise at the […]


Be it pictures, videos or even songs and pieces of music, these types of media are always shared with friends on our social networks. This way we let the others see what we are doing and, in the case of OSME, practice! Apart from that, teachers can also display exercises they create with OSME on […]